Why Ipsos?

We deliver surprising and unique marketing insights that will inspire and help you to take business decisions. Our strength lies in having the guts to be bold and willpower in everything we think we know.

In our opinion it is not about what you know, but about questioning everything that you think you know. We trust our intuition, as it’s based on decades of experience, training and knowledge. We constantly experiment with new ideas and surround ourselves with people of all age and from all walks of life.

"Real people, real lives, real data"

As one of the largest market research agencies in the world, Ipsos has a team of brilliant professionals. Every one of us is practically born with an intellectual curiosity – and an active passion about what really makes people tick.

We believe research is more than just a thirst for knowledge. We enjoy strategic challenges and focus on new and clever ways of doing research – yet always exploring the bigger picture.

After all, research is about truly understanding the heart and soul of people in a complex world. Once you grasp that reality, you can change the game.

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