Affluent TV & Affluent Webplanner

Affluent TV

Ipsos launched Affluent TV in 2001. Our Affluent Survey is the only survey which allows integrated planning of European TV channels with national TV and print across more than 52 million main income earners in Europe.

The Affluent Survey measures both in home and out of home viewing. This is an important factor when you are targeting Europe's Affluent, as they spend much less time in the home than the 'average consumer'.

Day part viewing

In the main interview, we collect for each respondent his or her yesterday’s TV consumption and detailed information on TV behaviour in general. In order to deliver viewing probabilities for most international channels and some national channels for all viewers, and for each day part (for both weekdays and weekends), we developed and performed an innovative modeling procedure.

R&F including time dimension

Since mid 2012 Ipsos added a time dimension i.e. how reach & frequency build across differing campaign lengths. The improvement of the TV R&F tool is to maximize the probability of being reached in a week by a certain channel (or multiple channels), with the probability being reach in that particular week. Besides the 18 day part probabilities per channel (9 day parts for weekdays, 9 day parts for weekend), this method will also use the week-probability for each respondent per channel, reflecting the probability that a respondent can be reached in an average week by this channel. Reach will be limited to the full potential of (weekly) viewers during the campaign.

Affluent Webplanner 

The Affluent Webplanner combines average page view information available from comScore (passive capture) with Affluent reach figures.

It will allow subscribers to use page impressions and provide them with a tool to evaluate plans and allow consistent multi-media evaluation. It will allow websites to be analysed on a stand-alone basis, or with other media in campaign R&F. Deliverables in the software will allow commonly used online campaign metrics to be used as inputs, and common media campaign metrics to be derived as output.

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