New: Unique replica shop for shopper research!

What is Shopper*Lab?

Shopper*Lab is a replica shop at our office in Amsterdam. Our 90m2 space has 23 metres of shelving space, containing multiple categories. It is equipped with supermarket accessories such as shopping baskets, trolleys, adapted lighting and tills. The Shopper*Lab has everything that shoppers can find in a real store.

New techniques available

To uncover unconscious behaviour the store is equipped with the following techniques:

  • Eye-tracking
  • Google Glass
  • Full HD cameras
  • Environmental microphones

What does Shopper*Lab deliver?

  • Insights into the subconscious, emotional side of shopper behaviour.
  • Optimization of different shelf layouts, POS materials and promotions.
  • Understanding of shopper motivations and impact of new products/packagings on shelf.
  • Insights into the decision making processes.


Interesting for you brand or product?

  • It will be our pleasure to adapt the Shopper*Lab in line with your wishes. Every type of shop is possible: supermarket, drugstore etc.
  • Currently the Shopper*Lab has a super market layout, but It will be our pleasure to tailor the shelf layout to any category desired.
  • A valuable addition to standard innovation, shopper or product studies.

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